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Swartland, South Africa

Our favourite Aperitif. Serve it with tonic, straight on the rocks or mix into a cocktail. 

Made from wine fortified by spirit up to 18.5%, sweetened with grape sugars, bittered by Quinchona and infused with 43 indigenous botanicals, including Fynbos, Kalmoes and Naartjes. 

Caperitif is a resurrection of a cocktail ingredient prominent in the 1920s and 30s but that disappeared. Recreated by Danish mixologist Lars Schmidt and Swartland Winemakers Kyle Dunn and Adi Baadenhorst. 

Notes from Jancis Robinson's purple pages below:

"This wonderful 'tonic wine' is a kaleidoscope of flavours. It pokes you in the ribs and flicks a middle finger at convention, doing somersaults on a tightrope between gramophone retro and reckless fringe. It's good straight up on ice, splashed with tonic water, turned long with cold soda water, mixed with gin for an edgy martini cocktail, and makes a much more sophisticated, complex Aperol Spritz than Aperol does. It also makes a damn good negroni. And for anyone who's looking for something less sweet than port and less alcoholic than cognac to finish the evening, this hits a satisfying middle ground."

(Tamlyn Currin, Jancis Robinson Purple Pages, November 2018)