NOITA Winery - Fiskars, Finland

This Urban Winery based in the 600 population Village of Fiskars, 1 hour west of Helsinki, import their organic grapes predominantly from Burgenland, Austria. Working with Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Chardonnay and Riesling, they produce complete party bottles, swigged young and fast. They offset their grape importing carbon footprint by extracting the most they can from every grape, and pass their used grape lees on to Fiskar Brewery to make some amazing beer, then finally these leftovers are distilled into their grape pomace moonshine. If ever we're given the opportunity to import these, we certainly will!

These wines are very limited and order limits will be applied to certain bottles.

2019 - Chardonnay  - W - £22.00

MadameFlock - Mosel, Germany

Owned by Derek (Who lives in Liverpool!) & Rob, they take over old or disused Mosel riesling terraces, often on very inhospitable land. They take great pleasure in turning these terraces around and producing fantastic Riesling again - the Mad Dog being their yearly flagship bottle, and making the Schmetterling their fun Spring project, blending their Riesling with a neighbouring Müller-Thurgau.

2019 - Mad Dog Warwick - W - £19.50
2020 - Schmetterling - W - £17.20


The Blacksmith - Swartland, South Africa

2018 - These Old Bones - W - £19.30

Yetti & The Kokonut - Adelaide Hills, Australia

David Geyer and Koen Janssens met in 2015 and set forth to experiment with grapes in exciting new ways, think of it as drinking outside of the box. With their feet in the vineyards and their tongues in their cheek, a new breed of wines were created that unlike your sketchy friend, needed minimal intervention. These creations have finally escaped the laboratory and and are now available right here.

2019 - Mt Savagnin - W - £16.70 - Sold Out
2020 - Salsa Verde - O - £16.70 - Sold Out
2020 - B'Rose - Rosé - £13.50 - Sold Out

Bink - Adelaide Hills, Australia

Koen Janssens, AKA Kokonut from Yetti & The Kokonut. Direct Quote : "There are enough people making complex and intense wines. With these wines, I just want to watch Top Gun, put a straw in it, and drink it in 20 minutes."

2020 - Paperman Cab Franc - R - £12.50


Just Enough - Adelaide Hills, Australia

From our very own Bobby Fishel, after travelling to Adelaide for a small wine-making stint in early 2020, he's been stuck there thanks to Covid. In the meantime he's funnelled his energy into upping his humble production. This single cuvée is Chardonnay juice pressed over Grenache, Red Muscat and Chenin skins. The resulting rosé is an intriguing, wild and textural marvel. We'll be stocking much more in the future, but 2020 was a year to trial technique and hone in on his passion, so stocking this incredibly small production rosé is a blessing in itself, and I can't wait to stock more in the years to come. Thank you Bobby <3

2020 - Present Tense - Rosé - £18.30